Will Vale couple be happy with their big day?

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Family and friends have been busy over the past few weeks planning the wedding of Trystan and Jasmine from the Vale with only £5,000 in their pockets.

Welsh viewers can also find out how it all went by being ‘a guest at the wedding’ and tuning into S4C on Tuesday, January 9 (8pm).

Jasmine, aged 26, knows exactly what she wants on her big day but will her mother Helen, stepmother Kate and sister India be able to keep her happy?

Jasmine, from Llantwit Major, explained: “I want to get married in a castle and I’d like a fairytale princess dress.

“Trystan is very good with me and is great with my daughter, Maddison, and always puts us first. But when it comes to the wedding plans, I’ll show them bridezilla!”

Trystan runs a hair salon in Cowbridge and the pair have a much-loved French bulldog, Prince, who is hoping to make a special appearance on the big day.

Jasmine said: “I’m a dog lover and Prince means the world to us. I want Prince to wear a suit to the wedding so I’ll be looking to see if they’ve bought him one.”

Trystan, originally from Aberystwyth, said: “The venue is the most important thing for us.

“We don’t want anything common or tacky. Jasmine wants a big cake. Considering we have a budget of £5,000 to spend, we are asking the impossible really.”

The fact neither of them knew anything about the wedding preparations began to worry the couple.

Trystan added: “Although I’m very happy that we agreed to take part in Priodas Pum Mil, if Jasmine isn’t happy, her face will say it all.

“We both have very high expectations and can be fussy about what we like; everybody knows that.

“I have every faith that the boys will pick something nice for me. I’d like to arrive at the wedding in a fast car and a bright suit with shoes but no socks!”

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